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Separators, Inc. has designed direct drive couplers for a variety of clutch driven Alfa Laval and Westfalia take down of C.I.P. centrifuges. The couplers take the place of the fluid clutch or friction clutch hub to provide a direct link between your centrifuge motor and the horizontal drive mechanism.

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Stages with PIMag® Magnetic Direct-Drive Linear Motor. The friction-free magnetic direct drive principle allows for most dynamic stages. Compared with motor-spindle-based stages, they use fewer mechanical components which results in less friction and backlash and thus more precision.

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MAGNETIC SEPARATORS Innovations in both magnetic circuit design and materials of construction are applied to Eriez wet drum magnetic separators. This results in maximum magnetite recovery while operating with a minimum amount of wear and maintenance. Refinements in the magnetic circuit, tank design, and drive system have resulted in further im-

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Some direct-drive turntables further reduce the separation of motor and platter by using the platter itself as the rotor in the turntable's synchronous motor. This means that there is no motor, per se, in the turntable - the platter is entirely driven by the magnetic field induced by the turntable's stator.

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wet high intensity magnetic separator superconducting magnet wedge wire sheave wheels heavy media drum dm cyclone classifying cyclones coal centrifuge multi roll belt press ceramic filter horizontal vacuum filter vertical automatic filter press sampling equipment head office. 15 indianapolis boulevard ...

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Crossbelt magnetic separators can be mounted perpendicular to the material flow or over the head pulley parallel to the material flow. Crossbelt magnetic separators consist of rubber conveyor belts, adjustable take-ups, rugged steel channel frame and a shaft mounted speed reducer with direct drive …

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The position of the drive components is favourable, located outside of the tank away from pulp splashes and water. Experience shows that the drum speed is very seldom altered and has delivered most its separators with direct drive gear boxes. This system has proven to be safe, efficient, clean and quiet and requires very little maintenance.

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• Direct drive is standard with an optional variable speed control. Request a Free Quote Click on image to see how a Magnetic Drum Separator will continuously clean your product without having to be stopped or product flow shut down.

Malvern – Serious about service… Magnetic Separation. When large quantities of ferrous scrap are to be separated from other materials magnetic separation is the obvious choice. The two types of magnets are permanent magnets and electromagnets. The latter can be turned on and off to pick-up and drop items. Magnetic separators can be of the belt type or drum type.

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Customers can choose from an array of options such as stainless or vulcanized cleats, rubber or urethane belts, inline design, 380-volt 50HZ 3-phase motor, direct drive hydraulic, shaft-mounted or explosion proof motors and custom construction and guarding. View Additional Information on Suspended Permanent Magnetic Separators

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Magnets for recycling systems can remove ferrous materials such as rebar from conveyors efficiently and with lower maintenance. Overhead magnetic separators are suspended above belt conveyors. They magnetically lift ferrous materials out of the recyclable product stream. Separated steel objects ar

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MPI’s Self-Cleaning Permanent Cross Belt Separator includes a conveyor belt moving around the magnet to automatically remove the collected tramp metal from the magnet’s face. MPI’s CBS Series separators feature rubber conveyor belts, adjustable take-ups, rugged steel channel frame and a shaft mounted speed reducer with a direct-drive motor.

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History. Malvern Engineering was established in June 1947, as a general engineering shop, servicing the mining industry.Over the years the company expanded, manufacturing a wide range of products such as sheave wheels, heavy media drum separators, medium and low intensity magnetic separators(for ore concentration), suspended electro...

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motor drive. Separators may be of single or multiple drum type. A schematic of a typical wet drum magnetic separator is presented in Figure 1. CDA wet drum separators are designed for and used in ferromagnetic ore concentration and beneficiation. The magnetic concentrate may be introduced to the second or third drum of a multiple drum separator

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The Lagerwey direct drive permanent magnet generator outlines a new era for wind turbine integration. The torque density of our latest generator is very high (compared to conventional direct drive generators) because the magnetic topology uses permanent magnets and a natural air flow based system for cooling the generator.

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GEA dairy separators with integrated direct drive have already been installed more than 500 times for various applications. GEA has sold its 500th dairy separator with integrated direct drive to a dairy processing plant in North America.

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Top 3 Factors Shaping the Magnetic Separator Market. Recycled Metal Usage in the Manufacturing Industry is expected to Drive the Demand for Magnetic Separators. Magnetic separators are a vital part of the metal recycling industry. Metal recycling is the process of collecting and processing used metals to develop recycled metals.

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maintenance. Refinements in the magnetic circuit, tank design, and drive system have resulted in further improvements in metallurgical performance and operation. The magnetic element is the most important feature of a wet drum separator. Although there are several variables influencing magnetic separation, the magnetic field

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direct drive wind turbine. [4][15] Figure 2: NewGen Concept [7] 3. Direct Drive with Magnetic Bearings In this section the magnetic bearing solution to the problem of direct drive machine discussed in section 2 is proposed. The advantages and disadvantages of such system are discussed. Then


MAGNETIC DRIVE The mag-drive pump design provides a number of advantages and capabilities that are otherwise difficult to achieve with a direct drive design. Primarily, these improvements come from the separation of the pump section and the motor, and the elimination of any form of shaft seal.

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Depend on MSC for quality magnetic separators. We carry a comprehensive range of magnetic separators in an array of magnet types such as ceramic and rare earth as well as multiple size options for all your sorting applications. We also stock a full inventory of magnetic sheet separator fans that keep your processes running smoothly.

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GEA separators are available with different types of drives: gear drive, belt drive, direct drive and integrated direct drive. The later is the next genuine stage in evolution in the separator construction process and works without motor shaft, gear, belts, coupling and motor bearing.

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magnetic separator feed boxes is normally not included in the magnetic separator delivery. Drive system The standard drive system consists of a right-angled gear box with a direct-coupled electric motor. The advantage with this system is the reduced maintenance requirement, higher ef-

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Radial flux direct-drive machines weigh at least 4.000kg (see further). Radial Flux vs Axial Flux . Since the year 2000, we see an evolution in the direction of motors and generators fitted with permanent magnets in the rotor. (usually referred to as Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines PMSM) In any motor, interaction of the magnetic fields of ...

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STEARNS "WPD" WET MAGNETIC DRUM SEPARATORS Available Features • 30", 36" and 48" Diameters • Drum Widths Up to 120" • Con-Current or Counter-current Models • Standard or High Gauss Magnet Assemblies • Single or Double Drum Units • Stainless Steel Wear Covers • Direct Drive • High Volume Models • Self-Leveling Design

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