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Jul 07, 2010· How to operate the "10 Cans in 10 Seconds" aluminum . A manual device that seriously speeds up the chore of reducing the size of aluminum cans for recycling.

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According to Matt Meenan, the senior director of public affairs at the Aluminum Association, when crushed cans enter the recycling stream, they become more difficult to sort out and can ...

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DRUM CRUSHER – DC 55 SERIES TO INCLUDE EXPLOSIONS PROOF “Perfect Solution for 55 Gallon and Smaller Drums – Recycling Centers, Scrapyards, Distribution Centers” A rugged two-speed hydraulic pump powers the heavy duty cylinder to 37,000 pound crushing force.

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PAINT CAN, PAIL & FILTER CRUSHERS – SUPER 6M “Explosion Proof Paint Can, Pail & Filter Crusher – Hazardous Waste Facilities, Paint Industries, Municipalities” The Super 6M crushes six gallon pails and most anything that is smaller. Paint cans, oil filters and a variety of pails and drums are all crushed by the Super 6M.

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Jul 08, 2018· Someone said they could step on the cans just as easily (hence the photo), but I'm on carpet and I have to admit it's fun to crush the cans. One other thing I just found out is there are small holes on either side of the chute for the can in case there's a little liquid in the bottom of the can.

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Paint s reduce the space required when disposing of empty metal paint cans. Connect these crushers to a pneumatic power source to automatically crush cans before disposal. Reducing waste and recycling volume can reduce costs associated with trash collection.

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Big Squeeze Pail and $ 4,325.00 Newstripe’s Big Squeeze™ Pail & Industrial Paint reduces the volume of empty containers by up to 75%. One-gallon cans and 5-gallon metal pails are quickly and easily crushed using standard shop air.

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No matter the size of your business or operation, we have a solution that will fit your needs. Our rugged and easy to operate s are ideal to reduce your can …

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Nov 03, 2010· We no longer carry this big crusher. Click on this link to see our current newer, stronger model that crushes many different sizes of aluminum cans and bottles. ...

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A simple bench model, the Herkules HCR3 Paint can crush a single one gallon can or several quart cans each cycle, for easy disposal. Air powered, the HCR3 is compact and reduces waste and disposal costs by up to 90%. The HCR3 crushes all types of cans, providing an efficient, environmentally disposal with a crush cycle time of 20 ...

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Oct 17, 2011· Learn about the ease of using an Edlund ! Edlund s help to save time and space in your garbage or recycling containers. Edlund s can easily crush steel cans so ...

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TrueCraftware - Heavy Duty Aluminium and Plastic Bottle Crusher for Recycling Cans and Plastic Bottles with Built-in Bottle Opener and Mounting Hardware - Can Smasher for 16 oz and 12 oz 2.3 out of 5 stars 107 #49. Cooluli 12 oz. Aluminum – Multifunctional Design, Wall Mounted with Built-In Bottle Opener ...

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Metal 12oz/16oz / Smasher, Crushes Soda Cans, Beer Cans and Water Bottles - Heavy Duty Large Metal Wall Mounted Soda Beer Smasher - Eco-Friendly Recycling Tool - …

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Minimize waste streams and cut costs with our compactors, recyclers and crushers. PIG Aerosol Can Recycler and the AEROSOLV Plus Can Puncturing System with Counter punctures your aerosol cans for easy, legal recycling — so you can avoid the hassle and expense of haz waste handling.

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Apr 19, 2016· s Reviewed In This Wiki: DC MAch Basic Industries International 77703 Can Pactor Multi Position ZING 7008 MasterCrush Crushmc1 Easy Pull Can Crushing System Progressive ...

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“Perfect Solution for #10 Cans – Restaurants, Cafeterias, Cruise Ships, Catering Operations, Schools and Hotels” The Power Krush™ Manual is designed to crush empty #10 and 1 gallon cans. This rugged, heavy duty crusher will reduce can volume by up to 80%. The Power Krush™ is simple to operate and is a MONEY and space saver.

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Perfect for shopping malls, cafeterias, restaurants, or hotels, this durable recycling receptacle stores more than 400 crushed aluminum cans, which reduces can volume by 80 percent! When customers crush their cans before recycling them, more cans will fit in the 30 gallon capacity container at once.

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The Big Squeeze™ Pail and reduces the hazardous disposal cost of empty containers.Newstripe’s Big Squeeze™ metal reduces the volume of empty containers by up to 75%. Automotive oil filters, one-gallon cans and five-gallon metal pails are quickly and easily crushed using standard shop air.

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The small crusher that does a big job with 5 gallon cans. The RAM FLAT® Compactor family has a little crusher that packs a punch just like its big brothers… the Model 5P, an all air-powered pail crusher that makes short work of a big problem. Pail & Model 5P RAM FLAT Compactor can reduce the volume of most containers by up to 90% ...

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Little Squeeze will crush up to 5 gallon cans with electric hydraulic for waste management,very affordable and also portable,for table top


Product Description Commercial Zone Aluminum Recycler. 30 Gallon Aluminum Indoor Recycling Station Can Pactor 745102. The aluminum is a commercial zone that aims to recycle aluminum cans at a very effective and efficient rate.

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– POWER KRUSH™ “Perfect Solution for #10 Cans – Restaurants, Cafeterias, Cruise Ships, Catering Operations, Schools and Hotels” The Power Krush™ Manual is designed to crush empty #10 and 1 gallon cans. This rugged, heavy duty crusher will reduce can …

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Sep 16, 2015· Easy Pull . The first of five best 12 oz s are this Easy Pull , that is an aluminum produced by company called Easy Pull, hence the name of the .This can recycling tool is made out of 3 basic materials – the body consists of nylon, that will give the crusher its durability, but the hinges and other moving parts are made out of …

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Oct 02, 2013· This is a Demostration of the Power Krush #10 Can and 1 Gallon Paint . Got Cans? Need extra space? Want to recycle? Call Compactors Inc. at 1-800-423-4003. We can help with all your ...


Empty and crush half-pint cans to six-gallon pails in preparation for recycling or disposal with the TeeMark family of crushers. Paints, inks, stains and sealant can be recovered for reuse, and the container recycled. The crushed metal cans are reduced to a puck one-fifteenth of the original size.

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